Hello, my name is Adam Justice and I am uniquely competent at developing an online presence and strategy for your business.

Me receiving the President’s award during college, where I graduated with honors with an Associates in Science.

How Did I Learn to Develop Business Online?

I learned to code websites when I was 12 years old and have been involved with various projects ever since. In that time I have built a number of successful personal websites myself, each time finding techniques that were appropriate for the time and place to explode the traffic and growth of those sites.

My First successful website was a wrestling website I developed as a Hobby. It grew to be one of the largest of its kind, ranking #1 on the FWL Top 1000 for over a year. At one time we had 600,000 hits every month on our website including our own AWS Top 1000.

A Screenshot of AWS taken from the Way Back Machine, a very successful wrestling website I developed in the late 90s. The header images are dead.


It was so popular that eventually it burned me out, and I took a few years off working online. When I started back I worked freelance for several years through high school, which led to becoming a featured contributor for Yahoo! in the fields of Technology, Automotive and Politics. I was awarded the Rising star award through Yahoo!, and became so popular with readers I developed my own blog (I am leaving the links to those sites out because they are now owned by other parties).

Some of the Awards I achieved while contributing to Yahoo.


Results Make Me an Expert, Not a Byline

As my traffic grew on my personal blog I realized I was missing an opportunity since it was personally branded, so I started work on Social Media Sun; Social Media Sun was a popular and authoritative online marketing blog that I ran from February 29, 2012 thru Decermber 12, 2012. During the launch I was honored to have Gini Dietrich, Jason Falls and several other personal favorites as guest contributors. At our peak Social Media Sun had over 50,000 visitors per month and overtook some of the social media blogs I considered benchmarks in traffic.

I sold the property in early 2013 and once again doing freelance work.

Social Media Sun was the fastest growing online marketing blog at the time.


Neither Methods or Goals Have Been Consistent; Only Results

In August 2016 I partnered with local business leaders and launched Bestvaluemedical.com. Using my experience in web development, online marketing and Ecommerce we leveraged a unique market position to become the cheapest supplier of several medical supplies in the US. I have lead Best Value Medical as the Chief Operating Officer to exceptional growth on a very small marketing budget. Sales have doubled every month since we opened, our cost per acquisition has decreased and the average value of each sell has nearly doubled.

Best Value Medical has a responsive design that adapts to the device it’s displayed on.


Working across several decades of the Internet boom I have witnessed bubbles burst, technologies grow and fail, and hundreds of online businesses make mistakes they never recovered from. Even with all of my successes, I have also had a handful of failures. The first was the mistakes made during the monetization of the AWS as a teenager. Even though this could be attributed to inexperience and my young age, it still became a defining moment in the website’s history. Second, I took a break during the most lucrative period of online growth in the early 2000s at a time when there were my skills were more in demand and also a lot more rare. Next I overlooked a crucial security loophole while setting up the emails and website for a non-profit as a favor to a friend in 2013, the HNHFoundation. I delivered on the initial website (at a very low pay rate as a contribution to a non-profit), but the foundation decided that they wanted to re-do the entire site from scratch. I foolishly accepted the job even though I knew I didn’t have the time to see to it properly. To this date it’s the only freelance job I have taken that neither party was satisfied with.


Until a few years ago I played the Internet like a video game; a video game that always has cheat codes. I put in the work and thought until I cracked the code and enjoyed immediate explosive growth. As search engines have adapted I’ve gotten away from vanity metrics like web traffic and focused more on pinpoint strategies tailored to the business and its goals. I could write an entire encyclopedia about doing business on the Internet, but for your business I can condense that into a pamphlet that leaves out the fluff and concentrates on the avenues that are likely to work given your unique circumstances. No two methods ever worked equally as well on any of my websites, and it’s naive to think that plucking a strategy off of the Internet will work for your business.